The Spice House Seasoning
The Spice House Seasoning

The Spice House Seasoning

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Made in United States. Each glass jar contains 1/2 cup of seasoning blend. 

Lakeshore Drive- Inspired by the glorious green foliage along the shores of lake michigan, our lake shore drive shallot & herb seasoning includes chives, scallions, green peppercorns, and shallots. It adds an elegant but bold finish to fish, omelettes, and vegetables.

Little Italy- This little Italy herb blend is a mix of oregano, basil, garlic, marjoram, and lemon, with summer savory adding flare, pays homage to the foundational flavors of 20th century Italian-American cooking.

Steakhouse Smoke- This is a smoky, garlicky salt-and-pepper seasoning, with a dash of powdered worcestershire, that brings out the best in steaks, chops and burgers on the grill. Consider using steakhouse smoke seasoning when you're making your own jerky.

Taylor Street Garlic & Herb- Garlic bread is a staple at trattorias everywhere, from San Francisco's north beach to New York's little Italy. Laden with garlic, butter, and romano cheese, it is always a fan favorite. To make your own, slather butter or olive oil generously on italian bread sliced lengthwise, shake on some of this seasoning, then bake. 

Tuscan Olive Oil Seasoning- Tuscany is famed for its beauty, its wine, its beef, and its olive oil. We created tuscan olive oil seasoning to add zing to bread-dipping oil. We soon realized it's also great on croutons, mixed in with breadcrumbs for a casserole topping, or as a flavoring for mac and cheese.


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