Amante Manifesto

The desire to love and to be loved is the essence of humanity—despite race, religion, and gender, we all share the universal need to feel valued and seen. Amante Marketplace is a lifestyle brand built on this foundation. We are on a mission to create an exceptional retail experience that makes people feel loved, valued, and seen.

Amante offers each customer an expression of care through the purchase of products and what the products represent. Stories offer insights into the world around us, and every Amante product tells a unique story. All of our artisans are hand-selected and represent social causes, fair trade, and ethical practices. With a style that is modern, clean, and simple, Amante customers can design their space with contemporary elegance and social purpose.

What makes a house a home is not what we have, but who we have and how we love them. We believe a home is a dwelling where stories are ignited, memories are made, and spirits are refreshed. We value empathy, we extend grace, and we offer hope in the face of adversity. Our desire is that Amante home décor will inspire a culture of joy in every living space.

The ultimate goal is to fill the global marketplace with unconditional love. It’s ambitious, it’s honest, and we hope you join us on this life-giving journey. Humanity has no borders, and we strive to reproduce the Amante experience with every customer on every continent. Feel the passion in our hearts, become part of our story, and turn love into action.

Amante Marketplace: Love is a Lifestyle.


At an early age, God made me aware of the need people have to feel loved, and I have been blessed to turn my passion for serving people into a business.

The roots of Amante Marketplace are in Wheaton, Illinois. The concept of a "retail store built on purpose" was inspired downtown, walking past the historic Wheaton Train Depot during an Easter celebration in 2016.

Amante Marketplace was launched a month later at the Wheaton French Market with an assortment of local and global products. Within a few years, Amante products could be found online and in hundreds of retailers across North America.

With the help of the Downtown Wheaton Association, we recently launched our flagship brick-and-mortar store on Hale Street, just steps from the Wheaton Train Depot. This milestone will enable us to better serve our local community, and continue to pursue the mission of Amante.

It has been an incredible experience, and I hope you will join us on our journey to fill the global marketplace with unconditional love!