built on love.

Amante: [Latin] / ə-mon-tey/ "one who loves"


[Latin] / ə-mon-tey/

1. (noun) one who loves.

2. (adjective) loving.

The desire to love and to be loved is the essence of humanity.  It is the greatest of all virtues.  Amante Marketplace is built on this foundation.  

At an early age, Samantha, founder of Amante Marketplace, felt the calling to serve people. God continued to lead and direct her path which led to the launching of Amante Marketplace in 2016.

Amante Marketplace is a lifestyle brand created to evoke purpose, passion, and love in all we do. Our hand-select artisans are passionate about social causes, fair-trade, and ethical practices. Together, we inspire a different experience—one that makes people feel loved, valued, and seen whether shopping in our online marketplace or in person.

As we travel the globe, searching for products and makers that define the foundation we’ve set, our desire is that you feel the purpose and drive within our hearts. We hope that you join us on the journey and beautiful stories that will follow. Stories that give us all insight and perspective of the world around us. A world were despite religion, race, and gender - our ultimate hope is to be loved.

Please refer to our Questions + FAQ for more of the process, time, and dedication we pour into our products!