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11 products

Ethically-Made, Handwoven Area & Jute Rugs For Every Room

Whether you’re looking to warm up a kitchen or add color to your living room, our area and jute rugs collection features various sizes of rugs in neutral and colorful shades. They also look artful and unique when hung up on a wall.


Neutral & Wanderlust-Inspired Rugs Crafted By Artisans

Our rugs are ethically made and handwoven by artisans who live across the world, from India to Turkey. This makes them uniquely suited for those who want to embrace a sense of travel and global inspiration to your home.


Tips for Decorating With Jute and Area Rugs

After working with rugs for years, we’ve come to appreciate them for so many reasons beyond warming up our feet! For example, rugs can be helpful tools when dividing and defining areas, such as in studio spaces or large living areas. Also, if all four legs of furniture (like a couch or bed) don’t fit on the rug, that’s generally ok as long as two of the legs are on the rug. Also, as a general rule, a rug is best-suited in front of a nightstand, particularly in the bedroom.


Rug By Room: Bedroom, Kitchen, and Living Space

Picking a rug for your room can be intimidating. Here are some tips for navigating the rug buying process from avid rug lovers based on the room!


  • Bedroom :

    Since the bedroom is a place for resting and relaxing, we like to pick softer, shaggier rugs in more neutral colors like beige, weight, and light grey.

  • Kitchen :

    As anyone who spends time in a kitchen knows, spills happen. However, many of us spend a lot of time on our feet in the kitchen, so it’s nice to have a rug to keep our feet comfy. We suggest picking a rug that’s durable with a colorful pattern since it’s more forgiving.

  • Living Spaces :

    Durable rugs, like cotton and jute, are great choices for highly trafficked spaces like living rooms.