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8 products

Pillows With Purpose: Handwoven and Ethically Made by Artisans

Here at Amante, our ethically made pillows add comfort, style, and warmth to your home. By sourcing pillows with intricate details like handwoven embroidery and simple yet vibrant patterns, this collection is curated to give your home a special touch of timeless and personal style.


Why Elevate Your Space With Fair Trade Decor Pillows?

By choosing handwoven fair trade decor pillows, you’re empowering and supporting artisans across the world, and helping preserve traditional techniques - like loom-weaving. Throw pillows also do so much to instantly elevate a space. Add one to your reading nook or mix and match a few favorites on your sofa. These pillows make a home a haven of unconditional love and comfort to others.


Hygge-Inspired Neutral Throw Pillows For Joyful Living

The Danish concept of hygge is about adding joy and comfort to your home and everyday life. At Amante, we see throw pillows as a beautiful way to add intention and warmth to a space, creating an ideal environment for connecting with loved ones and savoring the small joyful moments that make life so special.


Classic to Boho: Pillows With Textured Accents

From classic neutral colors to beautifully bohemian patterns, we offer a range of pillows to match your unique vision. No matter what you select, all of our pillows are made with high-quality, eco-friendly materials like 100% Cotton.


How To Decorate Throw Pillows On Your Bed & Couch

Here are simple tips to keep in mind as you style your throw pillows in your home. But the best advice we could ever give you is to let your personal style shine!


Couch, Sofa & Chairs: 3 Tips For Arranging Accent & Throw Pillows

  • Think in odd numbers. Generally, one pillow is sufficient for a chair, three pillows are best for a small sofa, and five are ideal for a larger couch. 
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints and patterns. Especially if you have an “anchor color” in your room, vibrant pillows are fun ways to add intrigue to your space. 
  • Experiment with textures. When it comes to pillows, there are so many shapes, sizes, and styles - but texture often gets overlooked. Embroidery, tassels, and fringe pillows add unique accents without cluttering a space.


Bed: 3 Tips For Arranging Pillows In Your Bedroom

  • Generally, neutral colors are recommended to make your bedroom the ultimate environment for resting and relaxing. Embrace texture and patterns. 
  • Embroidered pillows can add a touch of uniqueness in a subtle yet significant way. 
  • Mix and match shapes. Picking pillows that are varied in shapes is a playful way to make your bed extra cozy.