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Air Plants

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What is an Air Plant?

Air plants, also known as epiphytes, differ from other plants because they aren’t rooted in soil. Typically, if you see them in nature, they’ll be growing on other plants - often on tree branches.


How to Take Care of Air Plants

While you don’t have to worry about soil drainage and proper potting, air plants still need humidity, water, light, and love. Typically, air plants need to be watered once a week. We like to give them “baths” by submerging them in water for about 30 minutes and then turning them upside down to prevent them from over-soaking. You may also want to spritz them with water every few days, particularly in low humidity months (wintertime).


Where To Place Air Plants?

As a general rule, air plants don’t thrive in direct sunlight. Since in nature they like to grow on tree branches, often in shady spaces, we recommend placing them somewhere that gets a lot of light without getting scorched by direct sun. For example, east-facing window sills and desks near windows are two good homes for air plants.


Tips For Styling Air Plants

Teardrop and tabletop terrariums, air plant metal frames, and macrame plant holders are some of our favorite ways to style air plants. Place them on a table, desk, or windowsill - any place that could use a little extra texture and greenery.


Reasons to Love Air Plants

It’s easy to love air plants for their wispy, elegant look, and all the simple ways to decorate with them. Plus, they’re a little cleaner to work with as they don’t have soil, which makes them a practical and easy to manage gift for plant-lovers who don’t want to deal with dirt, repotting, and drainage. They’re also non-toxic to dogs and cats. That being said, we still recommend placing them out of reach to keep your pets (and air plants) safe.